Does sucralose cause tooth decay?

“No, sucralose, the sweetening ingredient in SPLENDA® Sweetener Products, does not cause tooth decay.

Studies show that SPLENDA® Sweeteners, Granulated has significantly less potential to cause cavities than sugar, although it contains a small amount of carbohydrate to provide texture and volume.

SPLENDA® Sweet Minis are also expected to have little or no potential to cause tooth decay. Per serving, they contain even less carbohydrate than SPLENDA® Granulated, and the sweetener, sucralose, does not cause tooth decay.

Because SPLENDA® Sweetener Products are a great way to reduce your intake of sugar, and excessive exposure to sugary-foods has been associated with increased tooth decay, using SPLENDA® Sweeteners or Minis may be a useful tool in strategies for good dental health.”

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